Lance Shigematsu was raised in the desert town of Indio, California and currently lives in Los Angeles. His work is personal & focuses on his community, the culture & dreamy beauty of the city & neighborhoods in the West, Central & East Side of Los Angeles. A three hour drive and into a labyrinth of canyons over the San Andreas Fault Line is where Lance would shoot Gargantua Part 1, a meticulously crafty double exposure series shot on hiking trips through a maze of time, a real story North of the Salton Sea. The spiritual and mystical elements of this land would shape new ideas, inspire philosophies on framing, approach & things beyond.


Darkroom Gallery, Culture-March 2016-Juried by: Peter Turnley

BlackBox Gallery, Black & White-February 2016-Juried by: Todd Johnson

Street Photography Magazine-June 2015-Editor: Bob Patterson

Desert Magazine-Portraiture-February 2015